Two businessmen with a passion for perfection and a pledge to quality, met in a coffee shop to discuss business matters.  The meeting concluded and dialogue soon shifted to their weariness of coffee. Longing for something healthier and resonating drink they threw around questions of: When did coffee shops become so popular? Why do people frequent coffee shops? Is it the coffee or the environment? How tired are people from drinking coffee daily? Is too much coffee bad for one ? ? ? Is there something better?

Contemplations and deliberations continued as discussions of regional, national and international beverage preferences ensued.   Conjuring up memories of trips to Europe one recalled a flavorful, healthy drink called:  Chai.

Would it be possible, they wondered, to bring Chai – the cappuccino of teas to the states? Was there a market for such a product? Would consumers embrace a healthy alternative to coffee?

Drawing upon their 20+ years experience of manufacturing and packaging products in the food industry, these men decided there was a market for a quality Chai beverage. On that day, Chai Latte was born.  The concept – to create the best quality Chai beverage, one that was true to its rich tradition and origins going back 5,000 years --a soothing beverage consisting of exotic spices and quality ingredients. Several months later, extensive taste tests proved that Chai Latte product was a hit in the marketplace. 

Since 1983, we have manufactured, developed, created, packaged and brought to market, many of the finest products in the food service industry. 

So here is a list of few of our subsidiaries, products, clients and creations:

  • Global Spice                                           Lake Champagne Chocolate
  • Power Punch Isotonic Drinks             Baltimore Spice
  • Royal Duchess Coffee                         Louisiana Kitchen
  • Soho Beverages                                   Nanna’s Kitchen
  • NatuRaw Sugar                                     Domino’s Pizza


Selling the finest Chai in the marketplace means repeat business for you.  Taste tests have proved that clients will come back to re-order this healthy and palatable drink repeatedly.    And with the support from an international manufacturer you will be ensured that your needs will be met consistently be addressed in a timely fashion.